Leah Stuttard

Leah Stuttard is a medieval harpist, singer, composer, arranger and musicologist. She works globally with well known ensembles such as Hesperion XXI and Micrologus. In August 2019 she appeared on BBC Radio 4 talking to Roderick Williams about songs and singers in medieval Britain. Brighton Early Music Festival 2019 commissioned her to direct their last night medieval extravaganza, 'The Feast of Fools'.

Feast of Fools

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  • Price: £18
  • Date: Sun, Nov 10, 2019
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Venue: St Martin's Church, BN2 3HQ
  • Location: Brighton
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I’m the musical director in this massive production with three (yes THREE) choirs and a super group of early music performers! Really, it just means that I spent ages researching all the music for it, visiting libraries and doing weird arcane medieval ferreting around (to be honest, mostly I found stuff I needed online, there was just a bit of consulting manuscripts, that was online too!) I also  enjoyed reading this excellent book by Max Harris, which provided quite a few useful leads:



I also spent time listening to several earlier recordings by New London Consort (really not my favourite – much too serious sounding even when it was meant to be drunken or otherwise inflammatory), Ensemble Obsidienne, Berry Hayward Consort (fabulously Orff-esque), Ensemble Gilles Binchois (who reconstructed the Feast of Fools from a wonderful 16th century manuscript at the gorgeous Cathedral in Le Puy en Velay – a truly astonishing place), the Clemencic Consort and the earliest by a little known French group, Ensemble vocal & instrumental Guillaume Dufay, directed by Arsène Bedois. I think there might be a future bit of analysis and scholarship to be done on this theme!


Tickets go on sale in early September 2019.