Leah Stuttard

Leah Stuttard is a medieval harpist, singer, composer, arranger and musicologist. She works globally with well known ensembles such as Hesperion XXI and Micrologus. In August 2019 she appeared on BBC Radio 4 talking to Roderick Williams about songs and singers in medieval Britain. Brighton Early Music Festival 2019 commissioned her to direct their last night medieval extravaganza, 'The Feast of Fools'.

Sacred Fragments – featuring Bruno Bonhoure

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Sacred Fragments


Mellifluous medieval music from England, sacred works of the 13th and 14th centuries, on my sweet sounding harp, featuring a bonus track with Bruno Bonhoure.




Sacred Fragments

SACRED FRAGMENTS is a programme of sacred 13th and 14th century music from England. The title refers to the fact that the music I chose comes from manuscripts which have been broken up, chopped into, reconfigured and reused. Some of the pieces actually have bits missing. Some pieces, which were originally in a single book at the Abbey Cathedral of Worcester, are now in three separate libraries! I particularly love the music in a manuscript from Meaux Abbey in the East Riding of Yorkshire, not far from Beverley. The music dates from the early 14th century and is written on four sheets of parchment which have been cut right down the middle and sewn into the ends of a 15th century book as flyleaves to protect the ‘more valuable’ new contents. The mesmeric music found in these fragments is all the more precious for its random preservation, when the rest of the book they were in has been lost. The manuscript is now in a library in Chicago.


Other manuscripts represented include Oxford New College MS 362, Worcester MS Additional 68, British Library MS Add 62132A “Fountains fragments”, Cambridge Gonville & Caius, MS 512/543 and Oxford Bodleian Latin Liturgical d.20

Fragments sacrés

Musique sacrée d’Angleterre des 13ème & 14ème siècles, exploration d’un monde sonore. Le titre fait référence au fait que la musique que j’ai choisie provient de manuscrits qui ont été découpés, reconfigurés et réutilisés. Certaines pièces ont en fait des morceaux manquants ; elles sont en l’occurrence fragmentaires. Comment remplir ces trous fait partie de mon travail artistique.

Frammenti sacri

Musica sacra inglese del ‘200 e ‘300, l’esplorazione di un mondo sonoro. Il titolo si riferisce al fatto che la musica che ho scelto proviene da manoscritti che sono stati frammentati, tagliati, riconfigurati e riutilizzati. Alcuni dei pezzi in realtà hanno dei pezzi mancanti.

Track list

1. Iube domine silencium (00:43)

2. Ar ne kuthe ich sorghe non (04:13)

3. [Salve virgo]…solatium et qui mente …praecibus sepius vocata (01:40)

4. O Maria virgo pia (01:51)

5. O debilis (02:40)

6. …nos sceleris & …merenti modo scitienti (05:11)

7. Beata viscera (02:35)

8. O homo – O homo – Filie (01:33)

9. Vide – Vide – Wynter (01:55)

10. Veni sancte spiritus (02:38)

11. Verbo celum (02:34)

12. De spineto (01:07)

13. O Sponsa Dei (01:46)

14. Singularis et insignis (01:43)

15. Orbis pium – O bipertitum (02:12)

16. Patris superni – Pia pacis (02:47)

17. Spiritus et alme – Gaude virgo (02:30)

18. Stillat in stellam (02:18)

19. Scribere proposui (03:25)

20. Trahis suspirium – Mordax detractio – Epiphaniam (01:49)

21. Frangens evanuit (01:30)

22. Ave mater (1:01)

23. Ave caro Christi (01:31)

24. Virgo Maria – O stella – Flos genuit – Virgo Maria (01:38)

25. Candens crescit – Candens lilium (02:38)

26. Thomas gemma – Thomas cesus (02:30)

27. Fragments xxxiv (01:42)

28. Bonus track with Bruno Bonhoure – Cançó de Santa Fe (07:32)